Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Vienna Waits For You

Vienna was gorgeous, very clean, and the people are my all time favorite. Down to earth would be an understatement if classifying the population of Vienna. We arrived at 5 am and slept on the couches in the Lounge of the Hostel. Around 8 am we went out and braved the city until 2 p.m. when we finally were able to check in. Talk about a long day! We went to view the Praterdome, and then went to schonbrunn palace. It was absolutely breathtaking!

I went on a tour of the Palace and was asked by a youngster after hearing how long it took to have pictures painted back in the day "How did you sit that long like that?" and another told me "Your dress is beautiful."  Apparently they thought I was Sisi, I still have no idea why. After the tour I went to meet up with the kids again for lunch and market drinks. I waited for them in front of this church (below). We later went to a predominately Mozart Classical Concert, and then went to an outdoor free popfest festival in front of the same church! The amount of beer cans, drugs, and people I have seen gathering in front of churches is slightly mind-boggling considering I have had a relatively conservative, Roman Catholic, American upbringing. 

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