Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The Eve of my departure from England I had snuggled into my Royal Holloway bed for the last time. I had set my alarm on my Ipod, called the taxi, and double checked to make sure I was all packed, I then heaved a bittersweet sigh and closed my eyes for my last night in England. 

During the course of my beauty sleep, my Ipod died. 
I honestly would not have woken up if not for the poor maintenance man who came by to check the water pressure. He was startled by my discombobulated state. I ran out the door in search of the time. I have been known to sleep through an entire day and this was not one of those days I could sleep in. I needed to catch an 11:30 taxi ride. You can imagine my panic.
Thankfully it was only 10, so I was able to shower, get my act together, and cart my suitcases out the door in a more leisurely manner than the first time I ran out the door.
I sat in the taxi and listened to a little man from Pakistan babble on about Politics. It was comfortable to hear him talk as my stomach was in knots thinking about leaving my new home. I was crushed leaving everyone behind especially Ericka. I had never thought about how many life experiences we've shared until my flight home, flying home without her was like leaving a piece of me behind.
My flight home was delayed a bit as we had to fly over Iceland instead of flying over Greenland due to the volcanic activity.  I had four suitcases, all incredibly overweight stowed underneath me. Only one of which I paid for (Thank you friendly American Airlines worker!) I also had an empty seat next to me because the same wonderful man 'blocked' the seat for me, so I could 'sleep' on the long flight home. 

I got home, buzzed through customs, grabbed my luggage, and headed to the gate where I ran into a hug from my father, sisters, and mother. It was so nice to be home, listening to the familiar sounds, the flow of conversation trying to exist amidst my youngest sister's incessant babbling stream of thoughts.
We went to dinner and then stopped at the grocery store to pick up some milk for breakfast. I ran in with my sister to get it. I ran in, and stopped half way to grabbing the milk overwhelmed. It had been months since I had been in a grocery store with as many aisles. When we got to the milk aisle I just stared for a bit overwhelmed again by the various brands, types, dates.  
I unpacked that night knowing if I did not do it then, I never would. Crawling into bed that night exhausted from travel and unpacking a lifetimes worth of memories. 

The next day I woke up and went into Boston with one of my Best friend's from high school Caroline. Seeing the American flag with the Boston skyline behind it was possibly the best view to see the day after arriving home. That night was my sisters' prom. I am so happy I was home in time to see them all dressed up with their dates. They looked beautiful. 

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