Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our Surprise Pilgrimage to Mary's House

I'm sorry, but where are we going?
Interesting... was this even on the Sites list of the tour?

I don't know if I believe if this was Mary's house. Literally, one can see where there is darker stone around the bottom 2 feet. This is the old foundation of the house, where Mary supposedly lived, they rebuilt the home later on for our viewing purposed and for a better understanding of the conditions she lived in.
We were not allowed to take photographs inside of the rather small building, but to see a short summary of the legend behind the house and some 'forbidden to be taken' pictures please check out:

In anycase we got some holy water, can't hurt if it truly is Mary's home! 
And took some pictures of the prayr wall.
Then it was off to Ephesus!

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