Saturday, May 8, 2010


We disembarked for the first time in Corfu. It was raining. cold. miserable. Needless to say I think one can easily claim my perspective of Corfu is a bit skewed. However, I still loved the idea of being in Greece!  
Our first adventure was up to the top of the Old Fortress. We climbed to the very top to the little lighthouse for a spectacular view of the water and city. However, the view was much more worth the trip than the actual lighthouse. About half way up I got in the way of some German film makers. Apparently I was too busy taking photos to hear them yelling "get out of the frame" ... I get really into photography.

GermanFilm ProductionversusHelen's Photography

While there was no broken glass plates and dancing on tables, we did have some wonderful baklava, kelfticka, and oozooo! We started off our adventures in Corfu. It was raining and a bit cold out, so we ended up sitting to eat rather quick. Ericka informed me that when you put ice in Oozoo it looses its transparency. She was right, she dropped the ice into the concoction and I watched in amazement as it clouded over. The Baklava at the Restaurant Aegli was simply amazing, the honey soaked pastry with just a touch of nuts was, even in the smallest of bites, erupting with flavor! I am in love with it! The town was really cute, touristy, but the people were so genuine. I found a little pastry shop off the side street which was filled with locals, none of whom spoke English. It was great!

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