Sunday, May 9, 2010


We walked all around the Duomo trying to find the entrance to the top. Once we found it, the line was long and not moving, it really didn't look like we were going to get up there, but I insisted we stay. I don't think they understood my fascination with the top of the Duomo until they got up there themselves.
Heading out from Venice to Milan! Ericka writing in her journal, Max studying for Statistics. We're Party Animals. Don't doubt.

We left the Duomo and went to have an Aperitif. The Italian 'Pre-dinner drink' I am officially a huge fan of it. We went to a place down the road and stopped in and drank outside with the locals. We then left there to find our next hotspot, a Cuban bar! We got yummu mojitos. We then left the cuban bar for a local small sports bar. It was nice and the people were friendly. Max looked like a little kid watching the game, he seemed quite content, and it was nice to see him so enthused. Ericka and I decided to talk to the Bartender from the Philippians, who very quickly fell in love with us and just kept offering us booze and a lot of it fo free. Max eventually had to take us home. 

It has to be said that in Milan, even for girls, there is usually just a small whole in the ground in place of a toilet. Needless to say, whenever I saw this... I walked in, and walked out. 
In Milan there are places where you can fill up a water bottle, quickly wash off your hands, cool off. These continuously pour water from an ancient spout. I found it hysterical. and if you hold down the bottom, it builds up pressure so the water spurts  from the top of it in an arc, just like a water bubbler at home :) Otherwise you can cup your hand and drink out of that like drinking from a little running fountain.

The next day we went off exploring. Max took off to the Milan Stadium while Ericka and I decided to do a little window shopping! We found a place with amazing gelato called Frosted (I believe), but it's right by the place where we had drinks the night before.  We then went to the river and found a large flea market and a great restaurant where the service was impeccable.
We had to leave mid meal however to meet up with Max at the Duomo. There we found the aftermath of a peace movement. People were sitting everywhere, smoking joints and drinking beers all along the steps and square in front of the Duomo.
I enjoyed it a lot. We then went for a walk around town, had dinner, then went to bed. The next day was our last day in Milan, we had a cappuccino and then went for a walk in the park. I hate leaving Italy, it's definitely one of the harder places to leave, yet at the same time it always feels like one day I'll be back!

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