Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day at Sea

Back on Board!
I have no idea what we caught, but all of us were sick that night. I was stuffed up and nauseous to the point I was eating Saltines and needed to go to the top deck for fresh air.
However, dinner was always amazing. We had three course meals and could choose from about 10 different choices per night. We had a Turkish Waiter named Bayram, who was the man. He could play the Piano, knew all the best food, and where to go at port. His assistant waiter was this quiet Jamaican named Jeffery. Later that night we went to the Disco, where we danced the night away... sober. and to 70's music!

We had dinner every night with the cutest couple and with three medical students. We had a few 'formal' nights... we were all amidst our weeks of backpacking, none of us had planned on formal wear. Thankfully, we're three classy human beings and were able to put together outfits that not only were appropriate, but outclassed some of the best.


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