Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Berlin was interesting. The architecture was very cold and unwelcoming, but the people were wonderful and very friendly and helpful! I traveled there by myself and met up with Ericka, Nick, and Katie at the Hostel Meringer. It was the first time I was really 'traveling by myself.' I took the bus to the plane, and then took the bus, to the metro, to the Hostel. The online directions for the Hostel were incorrect, so it is completely thanks to a kindly old sweet grandfather who sent me in the right direction off the bus, and then a kind college student who helped me buy my metro ticket and showed me the way to my Berlin Home. I walked up to the Hostel and there were the kids just checking in. Perfect timing :)

As soon as we were refreshed we left the Hostel and wandered to find food. It was late so we stopped in at the first food place we saw. It was American. California style. Then we went to get drinks, we were exhausted and did not want to meander too far from our Hostel so we stopped in at the first bar we saw. It was Cuban. I began wondering if German food/drinks existed in Berlin. When we found a Dunks the next day, I was annoyed. I did not come to Berlin to experience America! It was a little overkill, but having a iced coffee with extra sugar was pretty amazing. 

We went on a walking tour of the city and found ourselves at different memorials around the city.
Of course we also visited the Berlin Wall

That night we went out to probably one of my favorite areas we've been in yet. It was a street of all bars, with a real down to earth vibe. The night went well, everyone had fun, it ended with Nick and Ericka in Burger King Crowns. Most American trip to date.

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