Sunday, May 9, 2010


I bet the title grabbed your attention...
My Cute Stubborn Ass:

We were facing a decision on how to get back down:

The Donkey won and definitely became a high contender for most hilarious part of our trip.
Our Journey started with Ericka just thinking she was going to "walk" us kids to the Donkeys, take a picture or two, then leave to go down the side of the island in the safe and far from smelly, cable car. As it was getting late, she realized she did not have enough time to walk back up the road to the cable car. So she gained a bit of gumption and she got on the donkey still extremely uncomfortable with the idea. 
Ericka's donkey was a bit 'frisky.' It started down the hill before it was hooked up to the other donkeys... Mine gladly followed hers. So we started going down the hill.

When the little donkey man caught up to us, Ericka's donkey decided it wanted to go the other way... and started back up the hill.The rest of the donkeys were tied up and the little Greek man was leading them, so Max's donkey threw him into a wall as they took the corner to chase after Ericka.
 Literally I could only sit there atop my little slow bored stubborn donkey and watch the ludicrous scenario, as the little donkey man was chasing after her yelling in Greek.
 My donkey stayed put and just watched it happen, and then went over to the edge of the cliff and looked at what must have been some yummy looking flowers... I really thought I was going to be going off roading for a few seconds. 
P.s. Found the new location for the newest Pawnbroker, won't even have to change the color scheme! It'll fit right in!

Ericka was so stiff and just pleading with it to stop. She really wanted to get off after that, but the little man wouldn't let her, instead he attached us little wanderers to the rest of the group.
I still have noo idea what the little Greek man kept yelling...
You can see how terrifying it was! The corners were the worst! It was like a steep ski slope, we had to do huge cuts across the slope on our little donkeys.

All in All, we had a once in a lifetime experience. Crazy donkey ride in Greece? Check.

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