Thursday, April 29, 2010

Roses in Roma

We first went to my second favorite fountain, the Trevi Fountain, and made wishes. We then went to get the absolute best Gelato in the world at Gioletti's. (Trust me it's the best, I stopped in at least 6 Gelato places a day and sampled at least 4 flavors if not more at each stop... That being said you want to try the Kiwi. It's crazy, the flavor is so rich, it is as if you are actually eating a Kiwi. So good.) If you want to be a "Real Italian" ? Def stick with a Pistacio Mix... However, personally I like the Nochoccio/Bacio Mix.

We then hit up the Spanish Steps... It was such a luxury to have them (and the rose men) all to ourselves! Max in trying to get away from them yelled as a joke over his shoulder "Gah, I'm Allergic to Roses!"The next night we randomly met up with two of our other Bentley friends who just happened to be in Italy. We got food which was alright, but the highlight of the restaurant was a bowl filled to the top with grated cheese!
We found ourselves in a Gay club called My Bar. We then decided we wanted to Rage the Colo.
Poor Italy.

We woke up early in the morning ready to go again. Like the day before I wandered around while the kids did touristy things like go to the Vatican and take a tour of the Colo. The first day I was hassled a little by old men who grabbed me and said things like "you kiss me. you likeee." Thank god this time I found myself with Lauren and Nicole exploring town and eating Gelato!

We stopped at a Market to get some food and then Nicole led us off to a cute little park.
(photo cred: Lauren Wisniewski)

It was eventually time to leave the beautiful city. I literally was running to meet up with Ericka, Max, and Kaity! The few days in Rome literally flew by!

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