Thursday, April 29, 2010


In Rome we stayed at Hostel Yellow. It wasn't bad, kind of a bit far from the heart of the city. There was a kid from NJ who worked there, it was nice to have someone from home there to help you get orientated! We also had free Wifi in the Rooms! Wow!  Howeverrr, the Yellow was nothing like the Plus Hostel in Florence!! Highly recommended! It had a gym, sauna, queen sized beds, balcony with a view (try for a top floor!) outdoor bar balcony, pool tables etc. It was gorgeous.
The next day we went to a Leather Market. Both Kaity and Ericka got adorable Leather Jackets and Purses! We then stopped by my favorite Bridge in this world. Bridge of Gold. on our way to the Uffizi Gallery. We hung out in line for awhile waiting before Kaity and I decided we wanted Gelato. So we left to get some. We walked behind the Uffizi to where there is another David and I had the worst Flashback I have ever received in my life. That song in Anastasia "bears painted wings, things I almost remember" was ringing in my ears. It was the most bizarre thing. It was like I had been transported directly back in time to my father searching for a camera store where he could make a CD to save then clear his memory card of pictures, my sisters demanding candy, and my mother and I whispering how cute a little boy looked in a royal blue rain coat by the greened copper water fountain. I felt nauseous. I expected the feeling to continue when I actually made my way into the Uffizi Gallery; however, it only felt like a long lost dream. I searched hard for the painting the Italian tour guide spent so long on saying "eh" on, but I couldn't find it agian, maybe they moved it. Not like I loved it anyways...
We then met up with two kids we met at RHUL from the states to walk to the copper statue of David on the Hill. Prime spot to watch the sunset. Florence makes you feel as if you have walked into a picture book. 
We got Icecream on the hill and continued our way up (btw this is my third favorite gelato. Not nearly as many flavors, but simply so creamy and delicious!) ...You can tell its good because everyone is just so content walking by themselves licking their little cones off in their own worlds!
From the top? So good. Little piece of Rainbow and all.
The heart rock is for you mom!
We had a long walk back, but with the sunset, I wish we could have gone slower!

That night we went out to eat with some of our friend's friend's who were studying in Florence... we had quite a little pack of kids traveling with us. Of course we had to try some Italian wine...
We then found a Secret Pastry Place... Its not really a secret, but it is against the law technically for them to sell to anyone but the bakeries. Literally you follow your nose usually around 4-6 am while the Pastries are being made and purchase them cheap at wholesale! We luckily had a local, poor thing, who showed us the way!
Let it be known although Florence is tragically touristy, I still love it. Lauren equated it to Boston when I saw her in Rome, and I can see why... Today it exists as a college kid's small city dream. I love Florence.

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