Thursday, April 29, 2010


It was literally just myself and one other girl from the US left on Campus for Easter Break, so we both decided to leave campus and head towards sunnier weather, what a great spur of the  moment trip!

Barcelona is such a great little city. Tons of History, Great People, and a Fabulous Night Life. We stayed just off of the busiest street La Rambla at the Silken Hotel. The first thing we did was search for Fat Bike Tours as suggested by one of my Frisbee teammates. It was run by a couple of younger kids, one with dreadlocks, one from South Africa, and another with a cute Irish Accent. They led us around the city and helped us get orientated!

  This is my favorite fountain in the world.
At the End of the Bike tour they took us to the beach to enjoy some Sangria. Yum

The next day we went to find Gaudi's Home. It was simply breathtaking... So was the walk up there. 

Literally. There were like 6 of escalators up the hill, yet it still was quite the hike up!
But it was well worth the trip, the tile work was GORGEOUS

We then went to find a funicular, because it sounded like fun. 
 The view was amazing, and at the top was a little fortress from where we watched the industrial side of Barcelona hard at work. It reminded me of real life tetris, all the colors and noise! 

We ran into other Bentley kids that night missing Font Magica by seconds (womp). We also met up with a Aussie that we had met in Scotland for dinner and drinks! I lost the heart piece of the 'key and heart' keychain that Tracy got me while walking around the city, after searching for quite some time, I left disheartened. 
The following day we went to Sitges (which I can pronounce in a million incorrect ways). It was a quaint little beach town about 45 mins by train away from Barcelona.

We were sad to leave Spain, but we enjoyed exploring La Ramblas on our last day.
Eating Cactus Fruit and talking to the birds

I'm glad I lost my heart to this beautiful city.

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