Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tour guide Paul lead the way to the train station in a large rain jacket, and sweats tucked into green galoshes. We passed some cool snowmen on the way!

We drank tea at The Tower, and went and stared at the Queen's Doll houses miniature brewery.
We then went to Orange, a phone service in England, and bought our pay as you go bricks.  "Top up?" 

We "pre-drinked" in Ericka's flat. Where as the English flatmates got drunk their topic of conversation turned to politics and cocks. One of the kids explained "I hope you're not offended, its just English humor."

Max arrived today so we went into Windsor to eat at the "King and Castle."  

The next day we got up and it was time to figure out our schedules. It was a bit hectic... "Go see Mrs. akdjfk" When you arrived at akdjfk's office ... "Who sent you here?" ... Go back to original lady ... "Oh, Mrs. akdjfk didn't know what to do with you? mm well go see Mr. rijjgs." ...Go see Mr. rijjgs "Why would they send you here? You need to go to founders." ... And once you arrive at Founders you realize there are many offices and are left thinking what do the English do with their lives all day if not sit in confusion. It happened three times that they set up my workshops at times when I had another class. My flatmates referred to it as "a clash." Nevermind, the fact that two of my regular lectures were scheduled for the same time. They were year long courses. Why would they let any schedule go through administration like that?In any case, Max and I had fun running around acting like tourists in our own school.
*Sidenote* I woke up to a spectacular view outside my kitchen window the following morning. A giant snow cock. Guess Ericka's flatmate's friend was not kidding when he said it was "just English Humor."

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