Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I reserved a spot at the wrong hostel. Luckily they were sister hostels and I was able to switch into the one Ericka and everyone else had  reserved a place at. 
The Portuguese are so nice! The streets remind me of Assisi with the windy roads. 

Ericka's friends from hs were in Lisbon too! We rented little yellow baby cars and went to get pastries! We went around with her hs friends visiting markets, churches, and castles.


At one of the restaurants Ericka's friends asked the waiter what his favorite dish was. We later learned he had ended up ordering a Pigs Ear. 
(That's my face after trying a bite)
It was not bad at all, really soft, not the consistency I was prepared for. 

We also met some sweet kids at the hostel who were studying abroad at Madrid. They were great!  
They were obsessed with a Kabob place down the street. Good thing I had read a certain blog before I went to try it!

I loved Portugal! We even randomly met DEEPHERS from UF! And took pictures of lovely purple irises! Wow! 

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