Sunday, March 14, 2010

Late Night Study Parties

Last night three of us girls (My flatmate from Denmark and another American International student) worked on our Globalization papers until 3:30 am.We woke up this morning and started again.
I started with my stats homework, using a program called Minitab which is a statistic program which helps to quickly analyze data and does most calculations.  We're currently on chapter 8 and learning about different aspects regarding the regression line.
Above is the start up screen I see every time I log onto the program. It represents an open slate and the start of my weekly failure. It does not matter if I think I understand the numbers that I am plugging in or if I am understanding the outcomes. I literally could make up numbers based on what I think the answer should be and get a better grade... it's true, and it unfortunately works.
I am now about to get artistic ...start drawing aggregate supply charts. 
After that I will continue to edit and  research my globalization paper, calculate my stats questions that I can't do with minitab (then submit it), and finally try to submit my Econ and Globalization papers. ...Hooray

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