Wednesday, March 10, 2010

London Adventures

I passed in my first homework assignment today! woot woot! 
I can't believe it's already week 3!  
Tomorrow I am giving a presentation. I only had a weekend to prepare it, the next person will have two weekends, the following person three weekends... not exactly a fair system is it. 
hmm Do they dress up? Do they make power points? Do they use notecards? How long are they on average?
[They use powerpoints, don't dress up, don't use notecards, and they're the full 10 minutes just very vague.]
I hate economics. The professor reminds me of an older Max, which is ironic because Max hates the class too. I was so spoiled having Kramer last semester! I love my stats professor, he's this tall skinny German dude with bug eyes and a laughing personality. He's great.

Jan 29. We went to Club Pancha based off of Casey Winkler's suggestion. It was a great time. There was a parliamentary bachelor party going on while we were there. 5 pints, three tequila shots, 4 vodka red bulls later Ericka and I made a deal to hook up with one boy each. (I may have taken the liberty of hooking up with two. On a good note, I upgraded to a member of parliament's son.)
For dinner we were heading to get Indian and startled I ran into a pole at the sight of a fox. I then spent the following 3 hours in bed with a stolen bag of frozen peas that I will to refer to as the pea flavored Italian ice. Ericka, Max, and Nick later brought me back Pizza, but I was almost too full from the peas to eat it. 

Jan 31.

We went into London and viewed the sights. I was such the soccer mom, wore the classic northface, jeans, and white nike sneakers... even packed the oranges.

National Museum

... I get tired easily :)

On the Southwestern Train from Egham heading to Waterloo!

Jan 24/25
Walking around london with the kids

The London Eye
Westminister Abbey

'Proper Football'

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