Tuesday, March 9, 2010

London, England

I just walked back from class. I thought I looked cool with my aviators, breaking off pieces of my croissant chewing in a off key manner, people were stepping out of the way when I walked down the sidewalk, and its a gorgeous sunny day. I went to unzip my black coat, and to my dismay noticed that powdered sugar had sprayed all down my front. Womp.

Jan 15.
Day 1 of touring London!

We went to Buckingham Palace and saw the Rosetta Stone. I just don't get it, why isn't the stone yellow? and psh only three languages?


absolute doll, and a hell of a lot taller than me! Later, we decided we did not want to take the bus back with the rest of the tour group but wanted to enjoy London by night, so we went to a great place called O'Neils. There, a live band played anything from The Killers to Sweet Home Alabama. The Pub food was decent, the chicken amazing.

Now let me explain why I ** the walking up above. I was wearing heels. I have never been so miserable in my entire life. 
Our tour guides name was Susannah, she was an 
Seeing Starbucks across the road, while Max and Nick deliberated directions, was like God giving me a hug. I sprinted across the intersection and stepped into my home away from home and quickly ordered a grande caramel machiato with heavy whip.

Ericka rolled her eyes and said "Alright, lets go you looney, I need my fix too! (A solid pint of leffe's beer and a couple of sambuca shots)
We took the tube to a bus stop, to another bus stop, to Heathrow airport, to take a taxi home. Along the way we met some interesting characters. I was asked to take care of some random drunk Brit on the Bus. And met the cutest old Portuguese man. Ericka informed me in the morning that we were talking in half French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English and that he found our conversation so enthralling that he missed his stop. Needless to say we quickly ran through the airport trying to find a taxi. When we got home in the morning it was about 4 am. I walked to my flat and realized I had left my key on my desk. ...Sleepover at Erickas!

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