Monday, March 15, 2010


I finished all my papers that were due today and submitted them on time, Hooray! Now I have a Final Thursday, a Final and a final paper due next Monday. Ugh. I hate the end of the semester.
Max and I decided to skip out of our economics class when our professor let us out at the one hour mark for a quick break. (Don't think any less of me, let me explain...)
 The professor spent more of his time unnecessarily "shushing" than teaching. I can honestly say I did not learn a thing from him, and the greatest thing about his classes were the slide lecture notes he handed out the first day. It is obvious he's intelligent and understands what he is teaching, but I do not think he's intelligent in a worldly sense because if he was, he would find no need to sarcastically quip things like "you lot don't have any idea what I'm talking about. doo you."  (muttered under his breath, with extra emphasis on the 'do you')  
In any case, if you recognize, especially as a teacher, that your students are not understanding the material, shouldn't you further explain it? Why the need for a power trip making yourself feel better by slighting others.
I was appalled when I left the class on break, he put up a picture of an old fat guy reading a book nude.
I'm sorry, I don't care if it is English humor. What professional would have the audacity to put something like that up? I certainly did not want to go back after that.  I honestly can't believe I wasted my time all semester attending that rubbish. I hope he has tenure.  

Today I got an email from the economics department. I literally almost booted I was so nervous. What happens at Royal Holloway is you need at least a 40 to pass on to the next subject ( a 60 is considered a really good grade). Most classes you have two papers or exams prior to the final. These do not count towards your final grade average; however, you do have to pass these assessments or else you cannot even attempt the final, so you fail ultimately. 
When I got that email the thoughts that ran through my head were enough to give me a minor panic attack. After stats I asked max to accompany me to what I thought was my doom. I get to the economics department and they hand me a small purple envelope addressed in lovely handwriting from my aunt Janet. How the envelop ended up in the Econ department I'll never know, but a birthday card, stressed out over a birthday card. Wonderful.

March 22nd
I am finally DONE with economics. Just took my exam at 2, I am hoping for a miracle pass, but I AM DONE.

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