Saturday, March 13, 2010

Work Work Work

(How I'm currently feeling)
So I am stuck in this *'crumbly old coffin dodgers' home and am failing miserably at writing the two papers due on Monday. I know I am supposed to be focusing on work, but this whole study abroad thing would have worked out a lot better if I did not have to actually study. 
Want the good news or the bad news first? 
On a good note my Economics Paper on Alternative Views of Aggregate Supply is almost finished, on the other hand I'm still not entirely sure what Aggregate Supply is and have no idea if I'm even discussing the proper topic outline in my essay.
 I am staring now at my second paper on Americanization and Globalization... in which I have decided to centralize on my favorite thing ever. Starbucks and Fashion.

*This phrase was used constantly by our enthusiastic English Tour guide on our trip to France who was so glad he didn't have any on his tour for once* 

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