Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Arrival

Ericka is my pledge sister, old floor mate, orientation friend, philosophy class mate, recent suite mate, and current study abroad partner in crime. I could not be luckier to be traveling with such a companion! We arrived ate at night, two teenagers teetering around in heels with over 800 lbs in luggage and the bags haphazardly falling off the moving cart seemingly every couple of feet. Ericka had a cart that would not stop after it started to turn, it would just continue on into a full circle spin. It was quite the three stooges act.

We arrived at RHUL to an old Indian man who became very uptight, I have a feeling he had not expected to have to move in two American girls during, what appeared to be, one of his off nights. The younger of the security guards gave us a flyer for Papa G's when he heard my stomach growl. He was great, very friendly, and reassuring. A nice contrast to the older scowling wrinkly man.

We were then given our temporary keys. .... Ericka and I stood awkwardly for awhile, while the old man looked like all he wanted to do was shoo us away like little puppies from a kitchen. Ericka then kind of laughed and asked if someone could show us where we were supposed to be living. The younger security guard looked at the older man and then said "um sure, let me actually call someone and see if a car can drive you girls down."

Ericka and I waited there for a good fifteen minutes before the driver came to help us. We carried up our bags to the van and stuffed them in. We then went to get into the car and were told "oh, we can't actually drive you down." ...Excuse me?

We started our walk down the path having no idea where we were going, need I remind you that we were still in heels, sliding and stumbling down an icy hill. The drivers were laughing hysterically at us. Once we got to the buildings they let me into the basement of Gowar F and told me to take the elevator up a floor. I was looking at them with what must have been with the most pitiful blank stare anyone could muster, because they responded to it with "Did you just get here for the semester?" I quickly shouted a "Yes" just before the door closed in both our faces. Their faces were of pure shock, needless to say Ericka got a bit more help than I did. I still don't understand why they did not hear our accents and put two and two together earlier.

The elevator door opened up on the first floor to a young girl named Emma. (Who I will eternally think of as a saint.) She looked at me and asked do you need help with those bags? I replied "oh yes, if you don't mind!" She asked where I was going, and I looked at her blankly and handed her my key. She responded "What are you doing over in this section? You're over one." She helped me walk over to my flat, let me in, and introduced me to two of her friends who were smoking outside.

I don't think I have ever felt so relieved in my entire life. It was about 1 am, I was exhausted, I looked at this girl who had just taken me to my new home and seriously thought she was an angle. I hugged and thanked her. She was laughing and said hopefully I'll see you around! I went into my room and unpacked. I then lay in bed with No cell phone service, No idea where I was, No internet, and most importantly No Ericka.

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