Monday, March 22, 2010

Scotland Claymore!

View from Edinburgh Castle

Then we were back on the road. The bus driver told us Scottish Legends as we passed some wonderful scenery like the blind giant poet's cave. Also the home that Bill Gates was told he did not have enough money to buy.
Out capturing Nessie
Our new friend jumped in!

We went out and had Organic Scottish Beers in Inverness and ate at the Castle Tavern (Yep we tried Haggis)The following morning hungover and tired our tour guide at 9 in the morning got us all up in moving for a historical tour. 
Our  whiskey drinking tour guide had us 38 girls and 4 guys trekking through the marsh battlefield of his ancestors. Correction: Swamp and I'm not kidding.

We handled it like champs.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I finished all my papers that were due today and submitted them on time, Hooray! Now I have a Final Thursday, a Final and a final paper due next Monday. Ugh. I hate the end of the semester.
Max and I decided to skip out of our economics class when our professor let us out at the one hour mark for a quick break. (Don't think any less of me, let me explain...)
 The professor spent more of his time unnecessarily "shushing" than teaching. I can honestly say I did not learn a thing from him, and the greatest thing about his classes were the slide lecture notes he handed out the first day. It is obvious he's intelligent and understands what he is teaching, but I do not think he's intelligent in a worldly sense because if he was, he would find no need to sarcastically quip things like "you lot don't have any idea what I'm talking about. doo you."  (muttered under his breath, with extra emphasis on the 'do you')  
In any case, if you recognize, especially as a teacher, that your students are not understanding the material, shouldn't you further explain it? Why the need for a power trip making yourself feel better by slighting others.
I was appalled when I left the class on break, he put up a picture of an old fat guy reading a book nude.
I'm sorry, I don't care if it is English humor. What professional would have the audacity to put something like that up? I certainly did not want to go back after that.  I honestly can't believe I wasted my time all semester attending that rubbish. I hope he has tenure.  

Today I got an email from the economics department. I literally almost booted I was so nervous. What happens at Royal Holloway is you need at least a 40 to pass on to the next subject ( a 60 is considered a really good grade). Most classes you have two papers or exams prior to the final. These do not count towards your final grade average; however, you do have to pass these assessments or else you cannot even attempt the final, so you fail ultimately. 
When I got that email the thoughts that ran through my head were enough to give me a minor panic attack. After stats I asked max to accompany me to what I thought was my doom. I get to the economics department and they hand me a small purple envelope addressed in lovely handwriting from my aunt Janet. How the envelop ended up in the Econ department I'll never know, but a birthday card, stressed out over a birthday card. Wonderful.

March 22nd
I am finally DONE with economics. Just took my exam at 2, I am hoping for a miracle pass, but I AM DONE.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Late Night Study Parties

Last night three of us girls (My flatmate from Denmark and another American International student) worked on our Globalization papers until 3:30 am.We woke up this morning and started again.
I started with my stats homework, using a program called Minitab which is a statistic program which helps to quickly analyze data and does most calculations.  We're currently on chapter 8 and learning about different aspects regarding the regression line.
Above is the start up screen I see every time I log onto the program. It represents an open slate and the start of my weekly failure. It does not matter if I think I understand the numbers that I am plugging in or if I am understanding the outcomes. I literally could make up numbers based on what I think the answer should be and get a better grade... it's true, and it unfortunately works.
I am now about to get artistic ...start drawing aggregate supply charts. 
After that I will continue to edit and  research my globalization paper, calculate my stats questions that I can't do with minitab (then submit it), and finally try to submit my Econ and Globalization papers. ...Hooray

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Work Work Work

(How I'm currently feeling)
So I am stuck in this *'crumbly old coffin dodgers' home and am failing miserably at writing the two papers due on Monday. I know I am supposed to be focusing on work, but this whole study abroad thing would have worked out a lot better if I did not have to actually study. 
Want the good news or the bad news first? 
On a good note my Economics Paper on Alternative Views of Aggregate Supply is almost finished, on the other hand I'm still not entirely sure what Aggregate Supply is and have no idea if I'm even discussing the proper topic outline in my essay.
 I am staring now at my second paper on Americanization and Globalization... in which I have decided to centralize on my favorite thing ever. Starbucks and Fashion.

*This phrase was used constantly by our enthusiastic English Tour guide on our trip to France who was so glad he didn't have any on his tour for once* 


Librarians hate me here. Twice I’ve tried to steal books because I don’t understand the system or I forget my pin.  It’s a painstaking process. I get annoyed asking them questions without receiving answers that actually help. If they are refusing to be helpful and start muttering ‘stupid American kid’ under their breath, I just walk out with the book.  Then the little bell goes off, they freak out, get in a tizzy, start running after me... It’s great, they might glare but they're now forced to help, hell they’ll even do the process for me.

Friday, March 12, 2010



This is almost as great as when Becca's friend Molly made me Rice Crispie Treats as a going away present. (They were all I ate for a week before I had time to get to the store)
Thanks for the package Mom!

Experience Snapshot

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Royal Holloway

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Story of the Walker Through Walls

Le Passe-Muraille by Marcel Aymé 
 (sculpted by Jean Marais)
{Not my photo}

An English Version
(click link to read)

Cliffs of Dover

Fun fact: On our Coach trip to Amsterdam we had to take a ferry ride over from England to France,  & we saw the White Cliffs of Dover!

Here on these cliffs of dover
so high you can't see over

 And while your head is spinning
Hold tight, it's just beginning"

Monkey's Forehead

Monkey Mondays, So good to me!

This is where I met some of my flat mates for the first time!
Poor kid, I don’t think he knew what he was getting into 
when Ericka and I asked him to play with the “mericans.”
Ericka’s best friend from home came to visit!
So we raged.
Thank GOD you’re HERE!
"Carrie: It's good to know that the ones you love will always be in your heart. And if you're very lucky, only a plane ride away."
-Sex and the City
Kelley and Fung came to rage with us for their spring break!

The Mericans.

Thanks for celebrating my Birthday with me!
I'm no longer a teenager!
      {Love these girls!}              L. O. V. E YOU.

Monkey's Forehead!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

London Adventures

I passed in my first homework assignment today! woot woot! 
I can't believe it's already week 3!  
Tomorrow I am giving a presentation. I only had a weekend to prepare it, the next person will have two weekends, the following person three weekends... not exactly a fair system is it. 
hmm Do they dress up? Do they make power points? Do they use notecards? How long are they on average?
[They use powerpoints, don't dress up, don't use notecards, and they're the full 10 minutes just very vague.]
I hate economics. The professor reminds me of an older Max, which is ironic because Max hates the class too. I was so spoiled having Kramer last semester! I love my stats professor, he's this tall skinny German dude with bug eyes and a laughing personality. He's great.

Jan 29. We went to Club Pancha based off of Casey Winkler's suggestion. It was a great time. There was a parliamentary bachelor party going on while we were there. 5 pints, three tequila shots, 4 vodka red bulls later Ericka and I made a deal to hook up with one boy each. (I may have taken the liberty of hooking up with two. On a good note, I upgraded to a member of parliament's son.)
For dinner we were heading to get Indian and startled I ran into a pole at the sight of a fox. I then spent the following 3 hours in bed with a stolen bag of frozen peas that I will to refer to as the pea flavored Italian ice. Ericka, Max, and Nick later brought me back Pizza, but I was almost too full from the peas to eat it. 

Jan 31.

We went into London and viewed the sights. I was such the soccer mom, wore the classic northface, jeans, and white nike sneakers... even packed the oranges.

National Museum

... I get tired easily :)

On the Southwestern Train from Egham heading to Waterloo!

Jan 24/25
Walking around london with the kids

The London Eye
Westminister Abbey

'Proper Football'

Paris France

Welcome, my friends, to Paris.
Here, have a flower on me.
Forget where you're from.
You're in France!
Children, come!
I'll show you that French joie de vivre!

This city is beautiful. I have never experienced something so mind blowing in my entire life.
I could see myself living here! I met some awesome kids on this tour their studying in England too! They are a ton of fun and really nice to include me in their fun. I literally got through two museums and during the second museum just had to sit out of sheer disbelief at all that I was seeing. I was obsessed with "Winged Victory" and paintings by David in the Lourve. I could have stayed there all day! 

I crossed the street to go to the next museum and got lost along the way to the Rodin Museum

Of course I couldn't go to Paris without climbing the Eiffel Tower. I climbed up with new friends that I had gotten to know on the tour ride. I had also unexpectedly ran into Ericka and Sloane on the boat! They were so cute drinking wine with Sloane's mother and friend watching Paris through the window slowly float by! The architecture in Paris is breathtaking. 

I loved the works of Edgar Degras, they were absolutely gorgeous!

By the second day when it was about time to head back I bought a painting and ate my weight in pastries. I just wanted to consume as much of the city as I could before I left. This was our favorite pastry spot! YUM baguettes, raspberry tarts, eclairs, macaroons, chocolate syrup breads, and croissants!
 * ooh la la *